Lance Armstrong Triathlon Bike to Run Transition

Bangslake Triathlon Movie Rating: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Lance Armstrong Triathlon Bike to Run Transition”

  1. Alex Chevalier says:

    Where does he keep his needle? Inside the seat post?

  2. sgiannon says:

    you mean, bike, PED’S, to run….

  3. HaasGrotesk says:

    You know what they say about people that say that the person who points the
    finger and is the loudest in the room has something to hide. They are
    usually the ones hiding something! Your “you have no life” statements won’t
    really work with me. The thing is. I’m not talking about any person. I’m
    talking about a person that has cheated his entire career. He won 7 times.
    Cheated on all 7. Now instead of going at me because you’re a fucking
    loser! Please try to justify the cheating.

  4. Chris Newsom says:

    Hes right though……. lace dopestrong is the biggest fraud in sport
    history and let down many many many people….

  5. Célestin de Serres-Lafontaine says:

    shoes: check haha understood the joke??

  6. Daniel Hall says:

    I am, I don’t cheat

  7. HaasGrotesk says:

    I’m sorry that your beloved sport isn’t what you thought it was but again.
    You are completely wrong! I don’t know where you get your facts from, but
    it’s seem like it might be your ass. What you said is far from the truth!
    Every sport has doping tests on a professional level, and cycling has 3.6%
    positive test results following weightlifting at 3%, boxing at 2,9%,
    triathlon at 2,7% and baseball at 2,5%. This is from a 2013 study! It’s
    3.6% right now but 2004 it used to be at 5%. Sorry.

  8. nanitexz says:

    haha Do you even TRI?

  9. epiplp6 says:

    Even with the doping scandal I still have to the give the man (and anyone
    who competes in full or half Ironman) props. Who in their right mind would
    say yes, lets do a couple miles OPEN WATER swim, then hop on a bike and do
    another 112 miles and end with a marathon. For everyone who gives him grief
    because he was doping, go do that and then tell me you don’t see the
    possible benefit. Seriously, go now. I do triathlons and I still think the
    Ironman group have to be a little insane.

  10. boobsnexplosions says:

    Go doping!

  11. HaasGrotesk says:

    You have to be fucking with me!? Seriously! Google “Doping at the Tour de
    France” and go to the wiki page! READ! What about the Festina scandal 1998?
    What about everything before that and after it! Cycling is not about
    cycling! Cycling is about who can dope the best and get away with it! If
    you read you’ll notice that every year multiple people are caught! That’s
    just Tour de France! And that “give it a try” is complete bullshit!
    Ex-riders have written books on their doping for god’s sake!

  12. Matthew Meade says:

    Lance is the strongest human I know of.

  13. pedalman says:

    Yes cycling has had its share of doping over the decades but they were
    mostly “give it a try” individuals who got caught . Armstrong damaged
    cycling in a way that all the others put together could not do. That is
    evident in your last sentence, you are now convinced that there isn’t a
    sport in the world with so many cheaters. This was not the view of cycling
    before Lance Armstrong.

  14. baroh2413 says:

    Actually he isn’t. He is in shape. Look up “ötztaler radmarathon” and
    “Ullrich”. watch?v=Q9Nf11zgJ9k

  15. HaasGrotesk says:

    It has decreased over the years, and the Armstrong scandal has made the
    numbers plummet but it’s still the most doped sport and that’s pretty sad
    cause I really like cycling. I just don’t like it professionally. But as
    the science moves forward it won’t be as easy to dope. I kind of understand
    why they do it. I mean, if so many in the sport are doping, to even have a
    chance you have to dope yourself. I believe that’s the mentality of people.
    “if he can then I can”.

  16. WhiteShark125 says:

    Proclaiming yourself the bigger man…indeed… like it’s even your choice
    to “let it slip” or not. You’re just an economy passenger on the ‘hate
    lance armstrong’ bandwagon.

  17. musicNsoccer says:

    Nike Chooses to Sever Its Ties With Liestrong. LiveDoped! WinWrong,
    CheatLong, DopeStrong, RIProng!

  18. spadam0 says:

    You make it sound as if he is not competing against other people on PED’s
    with all day open to train.. Lance Armstrong doesn’t do “pretty well” he is
    the man.

  19. acdcheaven says:

    Lance Whooooooooooooo EXACTLY WOTTA PRICK !!!!!!!!

  20. Areyouduckingserious says:

    If Rasmussen was doping too why didn’t he win 7 tours? On top of that he’s
    helped thousands that you’ll never be able to help through the foundation
    he created. Good job shit bag.

  21. MrSisterfister100 says:

    You know what they say, dont you? That the person who points the finger and
    who is the loudest in the room is the one who has MUCH TO HIDE. Run along
    now, cry to some other member of your high horse brigade who actually gives
    a fuck. You must have one pathetic life if all you can do in your spare
    time is talk shit about another people, save your whinging and moaning for
    the day when real problems actually arrive at your door.

  22. James Silva says:

    Dude, the guy is one of America’s best athletes ever regardless of he doped
    or not. Also, probably the most expensive when you think about all the
    training, equipment, coaching he got that was all world class. If you know
    cycling, you know about Lance. The man was pure beast.

  23. jzcapets says:

    Yeah, only in ITU rules do you need to have your helmet clipped until after
    you rack your bike. In USAT and WTC rules you only have to have your helmet
    clipped by the time you get on the bike (and while you’re on the bike).
    After you dismount it is fine to unclip it to save time.

  24. TheOnlyDrCynic says:

    He’s a doper, but I can’t help being amazed. 40 years old, decides to take
    high-level triathlon up again after a long career in cycling and wins a big
    event….Have you seen a picture of Jan Ullrich lately? He’s about 200

  25. pedalman says:

    Wow you are very knowledgeable its good to see that it has reduced from 5%
    to 3.6% looks like the Armstrong effect is having some results.