Half-marathon races gaining popularity

Christyna Beaty really loves marathons. He loves it so much that she has already ran 7 of them last year. But when she becomes a part of other 13000 registered people for Chevron Houston Marathon on Sunday, it would be the very last time, at least for some time.

Instead, she plans to concentrate on running half marathon in all fifty states in the coming 5 years. Beaty, who has 3 kids younger than eleven, told that she could get up in the morning, run in a half-marathon race and still be home by lunchtime. She is not exhausted, and she has that time with her family.

When 26.2 miles run stays the cachet distance among amateur runners, the popularity of the half marathon is exploding. Since the year 2003, the 13.1 mile race has been the fastest increasing standard distance in the nation, as per Running USA State of the Sport Report 2014. In the year 2004, 612000 people in United States ended a 13.1 mile race. In the year 2013, the number had multiplied to 1.96 million.

Houston Marathon Committee brought in their same-day half marathon in the year 2002; after 3 years, this had surpassed the original race in size. When the event appears to be an apparent steppingstone for starters expecting to 1 day end a marathon, more and more veteran runners are selecting the shorter option.